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Niagara Parks adventure guide

In collaboration with Niagara Parks

Photography by Tiffany Chan & Danny Zhong
Niagara Falls often reigns supreme in the realm of family weekend getaways from Toronto. However, there's an entire world beyond the classic waterfall selfies waiting to be explored in Niagara. In partnership with Niagara Parks, we've crafted a comprehensive 12-hour itinerary tailored for your next family-friendly escapade to Niagara Falls.

Your day begins at sunrise

Commence your journey with the break of dawn. Arrive just before sunrise to witness the falls in all their untamed glory. This early arrival promises an uninterrupted encounter with the cascades. As an added reward, you'll be gifted with the breathtaking spectacle of a sun-kissed waterfall without any unwitting photobombers.


Journey behind the falls

With sunrise painted in your memory, proceed to the Table Rock Centre. Venture 13 storeys below the surface to the very base of Niagara Falls. Navigate a series of tunnels that lead you to a world behind the falls. An observation deck stands as your gateway to an up-close encounter with the colossal cascade. Prepare to feel the reverberations of the crashing water, and consider packing extra attire for this exhilarating experience!


History and heritage of Niagara

Niagara is steeped in history and is the steward of the world's most extensive array of decommissioned hydroelectric plants. Merely a 5-minute stroll from the Table Rock Centre, the Canadian Niagara Power Generating Station awaits. Within its walls, guides eagerly unravel the station's multifaceted functions and pivotal role in shaping the Niagara landscape.


White water boardwalk

Refuel with a delectable bite and a glass of wine at the Table Rock Restaurant. From here, feast on a panoramic view of the grand Horseshoe Falls. Counter those extra calories post-lunch with a leisurely stroll along the Niagara White Water Boardwalk. This 700-meter pathway meanders along the gorge's bottom, offering a front-row seat to some of nature's most spirited and aggressive rapids.


Whirlpool Aero Cart

Adjacent to the boardwalk is the Whirlpool Aero Cart, an embodiment of history and adventure. Ride above the tumultuous rapids and catch a glimpse of the mesmerizing whirlpool below. An intriguing tidbit: the Aero Cart has gracefully spanned over a century of existence, standing as a testament to time and engineering.


The butterfly conservatory

As the day winds down, retreat to tranquillity at the Butterfly Conservatory. A leisure walk within this haven transports you amidst more than 2000 butterflies spanning over 60 species. Let these fluttering creatures' colours and delicate beauty create a serene and captivating end to your day's adventure.

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