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Fall adventure in Killarney
In collaboration with Ford Canada
Photography by TC / DZ
There's nothing more Canadian than spending time outdoors, exploring by canoe, and being surrounded by a rich forest of colours. My favourite season of the year is back, and I'm starting it off with an epic weekend at Killarney Provincial Park! A four-hour drive from Toronto, Killarney Provincial Park is a local favourite for hiking, canoeing and camping.
Timing is everything
Fall is the best time to visit almost every provincial park in Ontario. This year the changing leaves came unexpectedly early, so check Ontario's Fall Report for foliage and get a dose of fall before it ends! Killarney has many accessible viewpoints, so you won't have difficulty getting a fantastic view of all the warm hues.
Ford explorer
Built for adventure
Comfortable driving experience
Quick shoutout to the new 2020 Ford Explorer Platinum! The 7-seater offered plenty of room for camping essentials, and the PowerFold feature in the back seats opened up additional space with a simple push of a button. Among many of the great features (e.g. Lane-keeping system, rearview cameras, and blind-spot information system), the massage chairs and massive moonroof were my ultimate favourites. The Ford Explorer is built for an adventure and ensured a safe, confident and comfortable driving experience during the entire adventure.
Misty Mornings
Start the day by catching the sunrise at George Lake at 7 am. Early mornings became a common ritual in many of my outdoor adventures. I will never get tired of the ambient light and rolling mist. You can only see this at sunrise for about an hour before the sun warms up the air above the lake, causing the mist to disappear slowly.
Explore by water
Rent canoes, kayaks, and paddleboards at Killarney Outfitters and stay at campsites near George Lake to access the canoe launch minutes away. Leave early to get plenty of time to enjoy the panoramic views! There are many portage points along the way, so pack light. I learned the best way to carry the canoe between the portage points is to flip it upside down and balance it over the shoulders. One person should hold the rest of the gear if you're portaging with another person.
Hike the Crack Trail
The Crack Trail is a popular hike that leads you through a narrow passageway (as the name suggests, it is a crack between two rocks) to a panoramic lookout point. It is a 4-hour hike with a steep incline near the end involving some leisurely climbing. Wear proper footwear!

Difficulty: Moderate (the last section of the trail is rated difficult)
Distance: 7.2 km (4-hour round trip)
Elevation Gain: 259m

Tip: If you're feeling adventurous, you can canoe and portage to the trail's mid-way point and finish with a 2-hour hike to the top.
Panoramic Lookout Point
A breathtaking La Cloche mountain range view awaits at the top of the Crack trail! Stay until sunset to see the fiery red sky and the sun illuminating behind the mountains. Feed your eyes!

Tip: It gets dark quickly! Bring headlamps for the hike or canoe back. I ended up canoeing in the dark, but the moon guided the way to the campsite.
Killarney is an absolute beauty in Ontario. With its clear lakes, pine forests and quartzite cliffs, it's no wonder it became a source of inspiration for the Group of Seven artists. I think they did a superb job capturing its breathtaking landscapes.
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