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HVAC software that helps speed up the sales process

Digital product

V-A Express is an HVAC software developed by Vibro-Acoustics to aid a customer's journey when quoting, configuring and ordering vibration isolation, restraint systems and noise control products and solutions. As a hybrid customer experience manager and designer, I was responsible for crafting the product's overall experience and visual design. After a year of development, V-A Express was launched in December 2020 and onboarded to internal and external sales reps.


Digital transformation is often not a high priority in the HVAC industry. In a typical journey, customer touchpoints involve numerous phone calls, long email threads, manually faxed forms, and outdated software.

The challenge

Vibro-Acoustics saw a steady rise in business transactions and needed to improve its existing tools and software to manage the increasing demands of the customers. The new digital experience must address the following key challenges:

Tools are outdated — The business relied on obsolete tools and software, causing legacy issues and preventing customers from operating efficiently and effectively.

Customer-centricity is not a priority — Operations are skewed toward sales and production and away from digital transformation and customer experience, resulting in missed opportunities.

Lack of documentation — Documentation is not a standard process, making it difficult to view the end-to-end customer journey.

Flow map of existing journeyFlow map of existing journey
The goal

Journey mapping is a critical step to ensuring success. Working alongside subject matter experts, I helped visualize the order fulfillment process for three different business lines. The journey maps helped the team gain an end-to-end perspective, identify current friction points, prioritize opportunities and outline the following goals of the software.

Use the latest technology — Build best-in-class software using the latest technology for reliable integration, scalability and easy maintenance.

Focus on the customer — Design a user-friendly experience that supports customers at every touchpoint of their journey.

Document and refine — Keep a repository of journey maps and processes for continuous improvement.

Building the visual system

From iconography to UI elements, components are designed within a visual system for a consistent look and feel.

V-A Express logo in colourV-A Express logo and icon within a gridV-A Epxress icon logo in white and colourV-A Express typographyV-A Express primary colour paletteV-A Express icon library

Organizing complex quotes with tags

Condominiums and hospitals have intricate HVAC systems that span multiple rooms and floors. Large projects like these have complex quotes, which can get disorganized quickly. Adding customizable tags to groups of products and their child components helps organize and manage projects on the go.

Adding a tag user flow
Working flexibly

The ability to work on numerous drafts and adjust variations of quotes at any given time gives flexibility and control to the user. Create, edit and share quotes with less restriction and when ready, tap on the checkout button to start the order fulfillment process.

V-A Express user flows
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