Twenty-fourteen, a momentous acquisition brought Vibro-Acoustics into the Swegon Group, sparking the need for a rebrand as Swegon North America. With its 60-year legacy and esteemed reputation in the North American market, the challenge was to align the visual system with Swegon's global branding while preserving essential elements of its original identity. The transformation extended to diverse channels, including marketing materials, software, visual systems, digital communications, office installations, and factory wayfinding.

Designer / Customer Experience Manager

The foundation — A fresh palette

A vibrant and refreshing colour palette helped distinguish the various business lines within the company.


Iconography — A visual vocabulary

A comprehensive library of icons graced every aspect of the business, infusing visual appeal and brand consistency into print and digital materials.



The company's main office came alive with captivating installations and interactive displays, breathing new life into employee spaces.


Wayfinding — Navigating with ease

Striking large signage with recognizable icons and legible typography improved navigation within the connecting plant facilities.


Print experience — Embracing technical precision

Printed materials, including product pamphlets and marketing booklets, leveraged product blueprints and line drawings for graphical elements.


Digital consistency — A seamless experience

A unified colour palette and visual language now flowed effortlessly across websites, marketing email campaigns, and social media, ensuring a harmonious digital experience.

Tiffany Chan — Designer
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