One2Three is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastic children's furniture, aiming to create a brighter and more playful future for our little ones. The design comprises five compact shapes crafted from corrugated cardboard, transforming into versatile, multi-purpose furniture. The flexible configuration allows endless forms, such as shelves and drawing easels, unlocking a world of possibilities.

Recognition: RGD — Tamm+Kit Award of Excellence for the GTA, Adobe Design Achievement Awards 2014 Semifinalist
Concept work, Package design, Branding

A compact system for convenience

Each package is designed for convenience and contains five shapes: a box, three triangular prisms, and one trapezoidal prism. With a flat-fold design, these shapes effortlessly fit into the box, enabling easy storage and hassle-free portability.


Sustainability meets functionality

One2Three takes a step towards sustainability as the packaging itself becomes the product. Every piece serves a vital purpose, maximizing functionality while minimizing waste. Corrugated cardboard is the primary material, ensuring accessibility, ease of assembly, and complete recyclability. The flexible design allows seamless connections and extensions, bringing even more utility to the product. A drawing easel and hanging birdhouse storage are a few possibilities.

Tiffany Chan — Designer
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