Moore Paints

Rebranding Benjamin Moore

Visual identity

Benjamin Moore has been a premium manufacturer of high-quality paints since 1883. This rebranding project experimented with simple geometry and vibrant colours to give this well-established paint company a fresh and modern look.

The old identity

The current identity is relatively heavy and not easily recognizable as a paint company without Benjamin Moore's name to support it. The triangular "M" icon is often mistaken for mountains, and the deep red colour could evoke feelings of danger.

The new identity

The vibrant palette lightens the weight of the current identity and evokes feelings of positivity, playfulness, and trust. Shortening the name from "Benjamin Moore" to "MOORE Paints" is a play on words and made it more catchy and playful. The redesigned "M" icon depicts a house symbol emerging from within the negative space, creating an illusion of exploding paints.

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