Since 1883, Benjamin Moore has been a distinguished producer of premium, high-quality paints. This rebranding project experimented with simple geometry and vibrant colours, infusing a new contemporary essence into this long-standing paint enterprise.

Concept work
Branding, Visual identity

The old identity

The existing identity bears a certain weight and isn't immediately synonymous with a paint company, requiring Benjamin Moore's name for clarification. The triangular "M" icon is sometimes misconstrued as mountains, while the deep red hue might inadvertently invoke danger.


The new identity

The reimagined identity embraces a fresh spirit of positivity, playfulness, and trust. By shortening the name to "MOORE Paints," I orchestrated a playful wordplay, adding a dash of catchiness. The reinvented "M" icon depicts a house gracefully emerging from the negative space, conjuring an illusion akin to paints bursting.

Tiffany Chan — Designer
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