Metrospec is a Toronto-based eyewear brand on a mission to bring smiles to kids' faces. With their captivating new bespoke collection, they sought a packaging design to make their eyewear kits stand out.

Package design

The bespoke eyewear kit

The kit featured a charming case to house the frames and delightful decorations, igniting young imaginations as they explored their style possibilities.


Eye-catching packaging

Combining vibrant colours, whimsical illustrations, and a touch of magic, I crafted eye-catching packaging to reflect the brand's playful essence and grab kids' attention.


A pause in the journey – Navigating the pandemic

The unforeseen challenges of the pandemic emerged, leading to the discontinuation of the product launch. Despite this setback, the creativity and passion poured into the project remained an inspiring testament to the potential of MetroSpec's vision.

Tiffany Chan — Designer
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