Grow is Swegon North America's internal learning hub, designed to empower employees with onboarding resources and professional development courses. Grow encompasses two vital platforms: an immersive e-learning tool, Grow Online, and a live virtual training program, Grow Live. As the lead designer, I helped bring the learning hub to life, focusing on nurturing a culture of knowledge-sharing among the diverse workforce.

Designer / Customer Experience Manager
Web, UX + UI, eLearning
— Challenges

The preceding learning platform experienced a low engagement of less than 5%. Through research and interviews involving new and experienced employees, three challenges were identified that influenced engagement and retention.

  1. Limited awareness — Little attention and promotion left most unaware of the company's comprehensive e-Learning offerings.
  2. Accessibility hurdles — Even informed employees struggled to access the tools due to cumbersome navigation.
  3. Stagnant content — Sparse contributions and outdated content hindered relevance, offering little value.
— Goals
  1. Create a more memorable identity
  2. Enable easy access to toots
  3. Make the learning experience fun and engaging
  4. Utilize analytics to track progress and find trends

Reviving the identity

A more impactful presence starts with a memorable brand. The learning development program was rebranded as "Grow," while its two flagship platforms were renamed to Grow Online and Grow Live. The new identity, adorned with three floating leaves, encapsulates the spirit of seeds sprouting into a continuous growth and learning culture.


The joy of learning

A revamped library of visual assets, such as animations, illustrations and icons, injected fresh energy into Grow, fostering a vibrant ambiance.


Gamification for engaging learning

Infusing gamification principles ignited enthusiasm, motivating employees with rewards.

  1. Stars — Earned by interacting daily, completing courses, or acing quizzes.
  2. Badges — Unlocked by fulfilling achievement requirements.
  3. Achievements — Stars and badges rewarded upon completing sets of accomplishments.
  4. Leaderboard — A spirited competition displaying employee rankings and achievements.

Empowering progress tracking

Progress tracking proved transformative, allowing individuals and managers to monitor learning advancement and enabling data-driven insights. Analytics also helped uncover active contributors and trending topics.

— Results

Post-launch, over 100 employees across roles adopted the new learning platform, resulting in a remarkable 30%+ surge in active users within the first month. Swift integration via desktop shortcuts and intranet links streamlined access, and subject matter experts stepped in to enrich course content.

Tiffany Chan — Designer
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