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At Swegon North America, people are their greatest asset. Grow is Swegon North America's internal learning hub, where employees can access onboarding resources and professional development courses. Grow comprises two platforms: an online e-learning tool, Grow Online, and a live/virtual training program with industry leaders, Grow Live. The core mission is to encourage knowledge sharing among the company's diverse employees.

The challenge

The previous learning website had minimal traction, with approximately 5% active users. How might we enhance the learning experience to appeal to new and existing employees?

Conducting preliminary research, such as analyzing web analytics and speaking to fellow employees, helped the team understand the source of the platform's low engagement:

Minimal awareness — The platform had minimal attention and promotion, making most employees unaware of the company's available e-Learning tools.

Difficult to access — Employees aware of the e-Learning tools had difficulties locating links and gaining access.

Out-dated information — Few owners and subject matter experts contributed to the learning platform, preventing educational content from staying relevant and providing little value to employees.

Transforming the brand

A stronger presence begins with a memorable brand. The learning development program was renamed Grow, and its two leading platforms were named Grow Online and Grow Live. 

Creating a new visual identity

The new visual identity has three floating leaves to represent seeds growing.

Making the visual experience fun

A redesigned library of graphic assets, including animations, illustrations and icons, helped personalize the new eLearning platform and gave it a fresh look and feel.  

Gamifying learning for employee engagement

Studies show that integrating gamification into the learning experience improves productivity, motivation and engagement. Employees get rewarded after meeting specific requirements: 

1 - Earn stars every time you interact with the LMS, such as logging in every day, completing a course, or receiving 100% on a quiz.

2 - Earn badges after completing the requirements of achievements.

3 - Earn stars and badges after acquiring a set of achievements 

4 - View employee rankings and stats on the company-wide leaderboard.

Helping employees and managers track progress

The ability to track progress helped employees view their progress, allowed managers to view their team's progress, and enabled various data points for the business. Analytics provided insights into the most active employees and the most popular topics.

The impact

After launching the new training platform, Grow online was onboarded to 100+ white and blue-collar employees. The IT team implemented a shortcut link to employee desktops and company intranets for easy and quick access. The business also assigned subject matter experts to contribute to new courses in the learning program. A month after the launch, Grow Online saw a 30%+ increase in active employees. 

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