Canadian Club of Toronto is a non-profit organization fostering connections between Canadians and world-class leaders, newsmakers, and influencers. They recognized the need for a brand refresh to resonate with a new generation of listeners and speakers. As a designer, I had the privilege of leading the redesign of their brand identity, aiming to reflect the essence of the organization while appealing to the diverse and vibrant community it serves.

Branding, Visual identity
The old identity

A need for change

The original logo, while iconic, presented some challenges:

  1. Intricate leaf details: The original logo's leaf had intricate details that became illegible in small applications.
  2. Irregular shape: The asymmetrical shape of the logo posed challenges in both print and digital media.
  3. Inconsistent type styles: The logo featured multiple styles that needed more cohesion.
The new identity

A fresh perspective

The revamped visual identity features a simple leaf speech bubble that's simple yet impactful. It symbolizes the organization's commitment to providing a podium for Canadian voices to thrive and inspire. We opted for a clean and legible geometric sans-serif typeface, replacing the previous serif typeface.

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